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chaos. a prophecy for me. identity.

I've been meaning to write for awhile now.  But I couldn't think of anything to write about... 

...anything interesting, at least.

Right now, I was just reflecting, because I felt really compelled to write about something, immediately, or I felt like I would explode.  Thus, I was brainstorming some sort of imagery to use in the blog.  A metaphor, or something.  Those things are used SUPER well in church.  So...now it's awkward that I mention even thinking about that.

Umm.  Lookee here.

I feel like the toilet's clogged, and now there's crap running rampant on the stage of my life.  I don't mean to be melodramatic, but at 1 in the morning, you have to make do with the little subtlety you're graced by.

My mind has been taking an aerobic test for too long, my body is Hitler-izing my every move, and my spirit keeps stalling on me.

It's chaos!

And I think many other people are going through some chaotic times as well.  Socially, in the family, at work, economically, relationship-y, etc.

I'm here to say that there is hope.  That bad things are just as fleeting as good things.  They don't last forever.
Is that even encouraging?  :P

Encouraging=being prophecy-ed over on Saturday.  I'll go into greater detail later.

Oi!  I got me a prophecy!

But basically, the point is, these two people who I've never really talked to before or know personally told me all these things about me that are true...

How I'm analytical.  Too much so.
How I get frustrated too often.
And how I write music and poetry.

And how I need to let go, and let God work through me.
And how I need to focus on what matters, and remind myself that I have a destiny and purpose.
And how I need to be aware of how I impact others, now, and in the future, musically.

The crazy thing is that playing piano, worshiping God, leading worship...this is what I'm called to do.  This is what I'm meant to do.  I have a gift, and I never even realized it.  I always took playing piano for granted, but now it's become ten times more serious.

I have an effect on people, in how I play the piano.  With their emotions. 
I can bring people to peace
I can bring people to truth, justice
To sing, dance;
I can bring people to cry
To shout, to laugh, to love...to feel.

Most importantly, I can bring people to God.

This whole Jesus thing, this whole Pentecostal angels and demons thing, this whole Christianity thing...it's the truest  ANY thing I've ever experienced. 

And for once in my life, I have an unshakable peace.
I feel loved and accepted.
I feel like I belong.

And yet there's the chaos.

But nothing matters, because I know who I am.  I'm Sean.
And that's mines for keeps.



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