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Walkin' With God

2008 was insane.
It was the craziest year of my life.

There was a lot of good times, and a hell of a lot of bad times, but it's interesting to note what was in the middle of all of this: Jesus. On June 21, halfway through '08, I got baptized and decided to begin to walk with the Lord in this thing they call, "Christianity." And I can say without a doubt that becoming a Christian, a follower of Christ, has been the most life-changing decision of my entire life.

I can see it so clearly, even now, the difference in how I behave now after transitioning to a Christian lifestyle in comparison to "B.C." days. I loved to party, drink alcohol, even though I couldn't stand the taste of it (though I did develop an affinity for Coors Light :P).

I was essentially a pleasure seeker, if you were to ask me my life philosophy. Not that there's anything wrong with doing what you like...but to excess...not so good. I treated life like a game, without care of responsibility or consequence. Life was a party. And then...

It came to a 'screeching halt' quite literally when I got into my car accident...before I had my license! 'Twas really bad. I took out a light pole.
That's what my car looked like. Except there was an engine.
Oh yeah, and that was the day of my baptism. I was really sleepy, and I woke up with smoke and nauseous. The engine was revving and I was like, "I'm not pressing anything, shut up!" But yeah the light pole fell into this guy's yard, he was yelling at me.

I thank God for giving me a sense of peace...and humbling me in a HUGE way. That sobered me up big time. I mean, I could've died. Like the electricity running through the light pole could've started a fire, my engine was like full on like messed up, it could've exploded or something. Yowza. I get anxious thinking about it.

Things are a bit different now...not as 'crazy' or 'interesting,' but I like it better than how it was before. Not so much a party, as a book: there's different chapters...sometimes things aren't being written...okay now I'm borderline-emo-poetry rambling.

If there's any New Year's resolution I would want to make, I think it would be to resolve to walk with God, not run or crawl. It's been...a marathon to say the least. Wow, another metaphor for life haha. It hasn't been easy, is what I'm saying.
Look, she's worshiping God...and winning a marathon.
There have been moments of doubt, of loss, of "Dude, God, what the bleep are you doing?" or "Can't You, of all people, stop this?? STOP IT BLARGH!!!" It goes without saying, the intellectual part and spiritual part of me is hard to reconcile. I think though, what God is telling me, above anything else, is


Simple things, really, like cleaning my room, or helping around the house. Buy things you can afford. Make sure my friends are okay. Be patient with others. Love self, love what you do, love others; putting love in action. And get done whatever needs to get done. As Jesus says in John 15:12 "'This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.'" In being a Christian, there needs to be an understanding of not only believing, not only having faith, but also actually doing what Jesus commanded: to love God, love others (like yourself) and to share the Gospel, that Jesus died for the forgiveness of sins and rose again, ensuring eternal life for all who ask for it.

Simply imagine how ridiculously incredible Jesus' brand of love is. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your enemies. Love anyone and everyone, indiscriminately. And now understand how life-changing it is when you put it into action. So thank you for all my friends and family who love me, and who have taught me what love means. I love you and thank God for allowing you to be a part of my...marathon, book, video game level, life :)
Love thy puppies.

Everyone's heard about the loving. But what about the humble?
I almost bought this book. I may still.

I recently read an article in Christianity Today entitled, "The Advent of Humility," by Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, New York, and author of the "The Reason for God." The tagline reads,

"Jesus is the reason to stop concentrating on ourselves."

Keller contends humility is a distinguishing characteristic of the Christian amongst the moral, or supposed moral of today, and that perhaps the meaning of meekness needs to be revisited to give the secular world a new view of Christianity, besides heated, judgmental Pharisees. The part that really got me was this part: 'Christian humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less, as C. S. Lewis so memorably said. It is to be no longer always noticing yourself and how you are doing and how you are being treated. It is "blessed self-forgetfulness."'

I think this "blessed self-forgetfulness" is needed today more than ever in this era of ME.

MY stuff, MY music,
MY reputation, MY girlfriend/boyfriend,
MY etc.

Selfishness and pride play so deceitfully in OUR world...when this is all really HIS. And perhaps with a life more focused on God, serving others through what we're skilled at, in humility and in love, this world can be a little better.





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