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fearing forgiving fooling fun times.

I've never been more afraid in my life.  At least, I'm pretty sure I've never been as afraid as I was last night, meandering by way of Maunawili's ancient asphalt paths.  That place is super scary in the wee hours.

This is what I felt like.

It was four in the morning, and I had just gotten over a first and final night of summer fun with Sam at his house.  Without the lovely convenience of an automobile, I had the privilege of catching the bus to Waipahu to attend a church conference.  Having fun all night, I got no shut-eye, and thus gulped down a caffeine pill and some vitamin-b's for energy, read the Bible for endurance, and prayed to God for some encouragement.  

Just to put things into perspective, the weather had chilled from gusty-threatening to dead-silence, I was out of sorts from just pure exhaustion, and what Kili had said that night upon hearing my early bus-walking-to-catching-plan stuck with me: "Is that safe?  Walking around Maunawili at four in the morning?"  

I actually don't remember what he said.  But it was something that suggested anything could happen.


And serious kine, that Friday night, anything was up for grabs.  I was employed that evening to play at a wedding, that ended at a quarter until Seben&Seben o'clock.  After that, I had three options:

A) Go to youth service at Momilani
B) Go to a grad party at Ke'ehi Lagoon
C) Go to my friends house in Maunawili


And me being me I picked the last option.


Not to say it wasn't fun or anything.  It would've been easier to do the other things.


But I told myself that I would go to Sam's house to evangelize about Jesus.  Which I did not.  Really.  At least I tried.  And at least I got to see him before he left.

But I never want to walk in the dark again.

Sam lives deep inside Maunawili near the trail.  The nearest bus stop that was on the main road was like a mile away.  And inbetween Sam's house and that bus stop I had to get to at like 6 in the morning was a bunch of dark scary foresty area.


I was literally in the dark for over 20 minutes.  I was using my cell phone to light my way, which shone about 3 feet in front of me, and then utter blackness.

It was terrifying.

It was dark, I was tired, everything had that nighttime stillness going on, and all the sounds of late night Hawaiian native land areas were catapulting frequencies at my ears like crazy.  It was unnerving, and I expected like a undead menehune to jump out of nowhere and overtake me with a pua'a dragon at any moment.

There was absolute stillness.  And I felt uber uji.  There was just an uncomfortable feeling on me.  Like I was unwelcome walking there.


So I sang Christian songs.  And listened to my friend's voicemail like ten times.  Just so I had some sound in my ears rather than the rustling of ti leaves ominously waving 3 feet away from me.  Then I got to talk to Caiell and Patrick.  Thank God they answered their phones.


But yeah.  I couldn't have done that without God.  I had faith he was walking beside me the whole time.  Well, I prolly got doubtful, but still.  I was really scared. 

The scariest time in my whole life.  Scary times.


That's all folks! lol.




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