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3 September 1989
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Sean-Joseph Takeo Kahaokalani Choo

was born to Malia-Ann 'Aiko' Puamae`ole Melim and John Kawika Choo on September 3, 1989. Shy, quiet, reserved, meticulous, finicky, somewhat germaphobic, video-game-obsessed, and relatively musically-inclined are some terms one might use to describe his childhood mannerisms.

From a young age, he had the uncanny ability to discern which string to push or pull to unravel knots.

His grandfather, Peter Young Yil Choo, Jr. taught him how to piss people off by not saying anything until your grandmother is done yelling at her husband, and the beauty of martial arts and technology.

Sean's grandmother, Aileen Alayaay Daguman, taught him how to be a Filipino-Christian.

Sean's other grandmother, Eloise Tsuru Kamamo Matsuno, taught him to not drink, smoke, gamble, and love people, especially Ben Cayetano and people running for office where you sit in an air-conditioned room that smells like old women's perfume, and help make campaign materials, and to love God.

Sean's other grandfather, John James Keawekahaokalani Melim, taught him to stop crying when it's unnecessary or you'll get likens brah, and how to properly swing a golf club, and to love nature.

He graduated from Kamehameha Kaplama High School in 2007, and is currently attending Leeward Community College. He plans to major in music, either in vocal performance of piano performance, and one day get a degree in Philosophy, Theology and Musical Theater. His career goals entail being an actor, theater manager, musician, pastor, music director, worship leader, conservationist, and existential detective.